• Getting a manicure every two weeks may seem like something too fancy for regular folk. Although people have started to open up to the idea of getting manicures regularly, many still consider it a once in a while treat. Manicures have an unfair reputation as being superficial or not as important. However, the truth is far from it. A manicure is not just a means to become the most desirable person in a room (even if it is, there’s nothing wrong with that approach), it’s also therapy for hands and nails. It keeps the hands and nails healthier and softer, which they won’t be thanks to the daily exposure to dust and grime.

    A manicurist filling nails

    Even so, unfortunately, some people continue to believe that getting manicures is not essential, and anyone who preaches otherwise is trying to brainwash them.

    But we are here to pop the bubble of stigma surrounding manicures and convince everyone to hop on the flight to mani-land. To let the world know that manicures are not just a way of beautification, we are sharing seven crucial benefits of them for the hands and nails.

    Manicures Improve Blood Circulation in the Hands

    When a manicurist massages the hands, blood circulation significantly improves, which eases any pain or discomfort that a person might be experiencing in their hands. The oils used during a mani session get the blood flowing through every vein of your hands, rejuvenating them immediately. Furthermore, any spasms or knots that you might have are also dissolved during a manicure. It’s like getting physiotherapy for your hands with the added benefit of getting gorgeous nails in the process.

    Manicures Moisturize your Skin

    Well, how can they not? The myriad of lotions and oils used during a manicure hydrates the skin and bring back moisture in your hands. Dry hands can lead to calluses and patchy skin. And once you develop those conditions, your hands become rough. Imagine shaking hands with your boss at work with calluses; you don’t want that!

    And if left unattended, dry skin can lead to other dermatological problems for which you might even have to consult a doctor later. So be safe now than sorry later.

    Manicures keep your Nails Healthy

    As trivial as one might consider nails to be, the reality remains the opposite. Many people believe that they don’t need to take care of their nails exclusively. Just some soap and water daily would suffice, but that’s not true. Nails can also become the bed of dead skin, and you need to take care of that better than just soap and water every day.

    Getting a manicure ensures that your nails remain fresh free of dead tissues. It also keeps your cuticles healthy and prevents skin slivers from coming out.

    Manicures are Excellent at Enhancing Mood

    A manicure session is a sure-fire way of turning a sour mood into saccharine. Try going to a mani-sesh after an exhausting day at work. You’ll find yourself relaxing and all the stress from the day slipping away through your pores as the manicurist kneads your skin. You might have this idea in your head that going for a manicure is like going for a luxurious massage at a fancy parlor. There are quite a few things wrong with that mindset.

    Firstly, going to a massage parlor and pampering yourself is not something that makes you shallow. We always take care of the people around us, so what’s wrong in taking care of ourselves sometimes? Secondly, if self-care is not a concept that you are familiar with, then going to a massage parlor might be a big thing for you. So, we would like to assure you that a manicure is not as grand as getting a massage at a spa, but it yields similar effects to some extent. Try getting a manicure when you have had a bad day; you’ll feel the difference in your mood.

    Manicures keep your Hands Infection-Free

    Sometimes, insufficient skin care can lead to fungal infections and a plethora of other dermatological issues on your hands. You may be a staunch believer of natural skin-natural care, and that warrants you to be indolent when it comes to caring for your hands, but that can very easily lead you to a doctor’s clinic.

    Fungal infections start discreetly, and you might think its probably just dry skin, no need to get worked up about it. You may slather on some lotion and go about living your life until you are hit with blotchy skin with inflammation. You end up in front of a ski specialist who tells you that you have an infection of the skin, and then you remorsefully click your tongue and think how things would be different if you had been to a parlor once a month.

    Fair warning: Getting manicures does reduce the chances of skin allergies and problems. But other factors can flare up skin allergies in your hands, so don’t discount those!

    Manicures keep your Nails Free of Infection

    Nails are susceptible to getting infections more than hands. Without regular care, people can have ingrown nails that can cause diseases. Since nails are not as expansive as hands, they can develop infections more easily because frequent hand washing is not adequate for keeping nails clean. The tiny crevices around nail beds need special attention; therefore, you should get manicures to keep their nails healthy and infection-free.

    Manicures leave you with Beautiful Hands and Nails

    Your hands are probably gorgeous as is, and you don’t need to work on making them prettier. But if there is a way that ensures beautification of your hands, then what’s the harm in it? You don’t have to get manicures only to make our hands pretty. Get your hands manicured to keep them healthy and, as an added advantage, get beautiful hands too.

    Don’t be averse to the idea of pampering your hands. Think about how much they do for you daily. They care for you so much, return the favor now and then. Get manicures regularly, and don’t let any preconceived notions of yours convince you to do otherwise. You deserve it, and your hands deserve it!