• ‘How do you want to get your nails filed?’

    This is the question the nail technician will ask you every time you go to a nail salon, and every time you’ll wonder how to respond. Most of the time, we’re so focused on the length of acrylic nails and the type and color of nail polish we want to get that we forget the fact that we also have to pick a nail shape. One of the most common responses to this question is – keep them looking natural. No wonder women complain about nail technicians giving them a furrowed look!

    A woman with pink acrylic nails

    For someone who is getting acrylic nails done for the first time, their inability to respond adequately can make them uncomfortable and embarrassed. In order to help you avoid any such situations, we have compiled a thorough guide to help you decide which acrylic nail shape is the best for you!

    What Are Acrylic Nails?

    Everyone is asking for acrylic nails at nail salons today. If it has got you wondering what exactly they are, continue reading ahead.

    Acrylic nails are artificial nail enhancements that enable you to get picture-perfect, flaunt-worthy nails. Acrylics are a combination of a powder polymer and a liquid monomer. This combination forms a hard protective layer over the surface of your natural nails. These artificial nail enhancements harden when exposed to hair. They’re transparent when dry, and the nail paint or other forms of nail art are applied later.

    Acrylic Nail Shapes

    You can shape your natural nails in numerous shapes, depending on what suits your hands. Acrylic nails are no different. You can get your acrylic nails shaped however you like. If it’s your first time getting acrylic nails, you might find this blog post beneficial since we’ve discussed different acrylic nail shapes in detail.

    Let’s have a look at what common options you have when it comes to acrylic nail shapes so that when you go to the salon, you don’t find yourself clueless when asked which nail shape you prefer!

    1. Round-Shaped Acrylic Nails

    A girl with short, round nails

    Round-shaped nails are the most commonly requested acrylic nail shape since it is the least likely to break. The classic round shape combines curved edges with short lengths. Since the chances of round-shaped acrylic nails breaking are less, a lot of women prefer opting for this nail shape so that they don’t have to think before using their hands to do something.  The short length of this acrylic nail shape makes it all more durable.

    If you have chubby and short fingers, round-shaped acrylic nails are the best option for you. This shape will align well with the natural contour of your fingers, and the rounding will make your fingers look longer. Round acrylic nails are quick to get and easy to maintain. If it is your first experience with these nails, a round shape is probably the best choice.

    2. Oval-Shaped Acrylic Nails

    Oval nails painted white

    Oval-shaped acrylic nails feature an oval-shaped nail top that mimics the shape of the nail’s base. This classically feminine nail shape features tapered sides that are rounded into a rather blunt oval. This shape is one of the strongest acrylic nail shapes, which are the least prone to breaking.

    This acrylic nail shape is ideal for you if you have nails that are short and have wide nail beds. This shape elongates your nails and makes them appear less short than they actually are.

    3. Square-Shaped Acrylic Nails

    A woman with a French manicure

    Square acrylic nails do not have rounded, soft points. They resemble a square when short and a rectangle if you keep them long. They have strong sidewalls and a great choice if you’re looking to make a bold statement. If you have thin hands and long and slim fingers, this acrylic nail shape is definitely for you.

    Square shape makes your acrylic nails stronger and hence, reduces the likelihood of them breaking when you use your hands for regular tasks. They’re the perfect choice for anyone who doesn’t like to go to the nail salon too frequently. What makes this acrylic nails shape so popular is its simple yet totally trendy look!

    4. Squoval-Shaped Acrylic Nails

    A woman with blue nails

    As you can tell by the name, this acrylic nail shape is part-square and part-oval. They have sharp edges like in square-shaped nails that are rounded out to create a soft look. The best thing about squoval-shaped acrylic nails is that they’re perfect for any size and hand shape. Also, you can have them long or short. Since they lack the sharp edges of square-shaped nails, they are less likely to catch on things; hence, they are very durable.

    5. Stiletto-Shaped Acrylic Nails

    A woman with white-painted nails

    Stiletto-shaped nails create a much bolder look. They are long with pointed tips. It is a solid option if you want your nails to stand out and make a statement. These nails make your fingers look longer. However, you just can’t do any work that uses your hands if you’re sporting stiletto-shaped acrylic nails. This acrylic nail shape, without a doubt, is only suitable for people who have assistants doing all the work for them. No wonder celebrities are seen flaunting stiletto shaped nails.

    6. Almond Nails

    Beautiful almond nails

    Characterized by the typical almond shape, almond-shaped acrylic nails have slim sides and round and tapered tips. They look extremely sophisticated and stylish. This acrylic nail shape is ideal for women who have thin nail beds. Even if your fingers are wide or short, almond nails will make your nails look longer and your fingers slender.

    7. Coffin or Ballerina Nails

    As you can tell by the name, these types of acrylic nails resemble a coffin or a ballerina. They have a long tapered shape that has been squared off on the tips, making them look like a coffin. They elongate your fingers and provide a significant amount of space for fancy nail art (if you like). They’re a popular nail type in celebrities, mainly due to the totally hip look that they create!

    Closing Word

    Not all acrylic nail shapes suit everyone. What you like on your friend’s hands may not look as good on you and vice versa. The best acrylic nail shape for you is the one that compliments the natural structure and contour of your nails and fingertips. For example, if you get stiletto-shaped acrylic nails for your already long and slender fingers, they will look too artificial and hence, unattractive. If you’re looking for a nail salon that offers the best acrylic nail services, visit Premier Nails today and get a complete nail transformation!