• A French manicure is a classic concept. You can never go wrong with glassy nail beds and creamy white tips. Be it a board meeting where you have to be the boss, a party where you need to look chic, or even an important event like your wedding or graduation, the French manicure has got your back for every occasion. Most women are content with a basic French manicure, and some like experimenting with their French nails. And that’s the beauty of a French manicure; you can enjoy timeless white tips or bedazzle your nails with beads or patterns based on your mood. The ways to take a French manicure to the next level are countless. You can add abstract stripes or floral decorations or change the base color, and you’ll notice a world of difference.

    Since the options to style French nails are endless, we decided to put together a list of some stunning ideas for you. You can either use them or take inspiration from them to up your French manicure game.

    White Nail Paint

    Classical French Manicure with Cuticle Art

    Adding cuticle art to a simple French manicure can nuance your nails a little. You can go over the top and use bold and bright jewels if you are in a festive mood, but just a lace of tiny rhinestones is also good enough for a different look. Typically, working women try to keep their nail art subtle and choose to paste mini stones, but that’s a personal choice. If you want to turn heads wherever you go with your shiny jewels, then, by all means, add those around your cuticle.

    French Nails with cuticle art

    2. White Base with Black Tips

    White and black complement each other like no other. It’s possibly the classiest color combo to ever exist, and using it for a French manicure is only going to birth unforgettable looks for sure. Apply white base nail paint and make your tips black.

    To make the entire style more eye-catching, go for black accent nails with white tips. Your nails are going to make a statement. The white-base-black-tips will perfectly complement the black-base-white-tips accent nails. All you need to do is try it out!

    3. Natural Toned French Manicure

    Women all around the world love nude nail paints. If we were to tell you that you can incorporate the elegance of earthy tones into your French manicure, wouldn’t it be everything you ever wanted? Well, you can surely have it! It’s a beautiful concept to even think about. Coating the expanse of each of your nail with nude nail polish and accenting them with shiny-brass tone polish is a look to behold. You shouldn’t miss out on such a graceful nail style.

    4. Stiletto Nails with Sparkly Accent Nails

    Stiletto nails are an excellent idea to try if you are looking to go trendy. Stiletto nails are long nails with pointed white tips, and for some glitz and glamour, women add sparkly designs to some of them. Out of all your fingernails, choose any two and put glittery shapes and patterns over their base. You can even bedazzle four nails on each hand if you want to.

    You can also try stiletto nails with funky tips for a different stiletto-French nail style.

    5. Metallic Tips with Neutral Nail Polish

    For an avant-garde look, metallic tips are the way to go. Metallic nail polish is typically considered a part of pop culture, and French manicure is anything but that. However, combining the two worlds give you a gorgeous style without a doubt. The metallic tips make your nails sultry, and the neutral base polish balances out the sultriness, producing the best possible combo of sexy yet demure.

    You should give this unconventional look a try if you like to bring together different art worlds together.
    Stiletto nails with funky tips

    6. Nude Base with Floral Tips

    If you are in the mood for a more delicate or girlish nail look, then you should give floral tips a try. You don’t necessarily have to go for a nude or pastel base nail color. You can have the regular hazy coat on your nails with floral tips and still get the same youthful vibe from your nails. With that said, we’d still recommend you put on a base color because that is a more wholesome look.

    7. Sequined-out French Manicure

    For the ultimate pizzazz, you need to try the sequined out French manicure. It’s the perfect amount of glamour and sleekness that screams boss-lady from miles away. For a sequined out nail style, you shape up your nails like stilettos and apply a baby pink or neutral peach base polish with white tips. After your nails are prepped and ready for some embellishment, you choose the sequins of your liking. And then they are pasted on top of your nails. You can either have all your nails sequined out or only a few of them.

    8. Leopard Tips

    The leopard print is as old as fashion itself. People love incorporating the animal print into their style every which way they can. French manicure allows you to use this decades-old fashion staple on your nails. Leopard tips add just the right amount of boldness to your nails. And white, the basic transparent base leopard tips don’t get too over the top. So you can have leopard tips without attracting too much attention unless you want it. And if you’re aiming to turn heads with your leopard nail tips, then change the base color of your nails to a matte black or plain white. We promise, your nails will be a sight to see.

    9. Glittering Tips

    Glittering tips bring a tinge of texture to a basic French manicure. A lace of glitter below the white tips adds more character to your nails while keeping them modest. If you want to add just a hint of texture to your French nails, then try the sleek glittering tips.

    French Tips on Matte Nail Polish

    Color on color may seem too garish, but it’s far from it. The matte texture of the base nail polish is enough to disguise any potential flamboyance that color on color may seem to bring. If you go for matte black nail polish and glossy black tips, you’ll do nothing but make a style statement. Trust us when we tell you matte base polish with French glossy tips is the style of divas.

    A French manicure is like a blank canvas. You can do so much with it, only if you are open to the idea of experimenting. Use our ideas to level up your French nail game or mix and match to come up with a completely new style.. For the best manicures, reach out to us at https://premiernails.net/

    When it comes to trying different French manicure styles, the world is your oyster. Just don’t be afraid to try new things.