• A perfect manicure is equivalent to a perfect mood. Nothing makes women happier than beautifully manicured hands. You must have, more than often, seen women quote ‘happy nails, happy me’ after spending the day at the spa. It is no exaggeration; beautiful nails can actually make women happy!

    While regular manicures can make you feel great about yourself, the feeling only lasts for a few days. Regular manicures are not long-lasting, and within a few days, the nail polish will start to chip off from the edges. It is the primary reason why women have switched to more modern forms of manicure, which involve the application of fake nails or artificial nail extensions.

    Acrylic nails and gel nails are two of the most popular artificial nail extensions that have emerged. They’ve gained popularity after several celebrities flaunted them at numerous Red Carpet events and award shows.

    Pink manicured nails

    Acrylic nails and gel nails are both great options if you’re looking for manicure options that are longer-lasting than regular manicures. However, the question is, what is it that makes the two different from one another? And which one of them is better?

    To know everything there is to know about acrylic nails and gel nails, continue reading this blog post!

    Acrylic Nails

    The idea of acrylic nails was first introduced in the 1970s and has been worn by women ever since.  Acrylic nails are artificial nails that are made from a mixture of monomer liquid methacrylate and a polymer powder Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). After the liquid monomer and powder polymer are combined, the mixture forms a hard substance upon drying. When applied on the fingernails, the mixture dries to look like transparent fingernails, which enable you to do any nail art that you like over it.

    Pros of Acrylic Nails

    Many advantages of acrylic nails are the reason behind its popularity.

    • They’re an excellent option for women with weak and brittle nails who wish to have long nails.
    • They’re tough, which makes them suitable for women who have a habit of chewing on their nails.
    • Acrylic nails have been in the market for quite some time now, which means most of the salons and spas have adequate experience with the techniques. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about nail salons ruining your nails.
    • They’re more affordable than other artificial nail options.
    • You can fix a broken acrylic nail at home if you have the right tools, without having to spend a fortune on getting your manicure re-done.

    Gel Nails

    Gel nails are a relatively new technique in the world of manicure. It is a type of manicure that makes use of special gel-based nail polish that, unlike your regular nail polish, is dried under a UV nail lamp. Gel manicure involves the application of several layers of gel nail polish, with each layer being cured under a UV lamp for 2 to 3 minutes.

    Pros of Gel Nails

    There definitely has to be a reason why gel nails have received so much hype in such a short period. Let’s have a look at the numerous pros of getting a gel manicure.

    • Gel nails are long-lasting.
    • They don’t chip off for a very long time (up to 21 days).
    • They dry quicker than any regular nail polish.
    • They’re entirely smudge-free; hence they remain glossy and fresh for longer.

    Acrylic Nails vs. Gel Nails

    Now that you know what acrylic nails and gel nails are and what the features are that make them so popular, let’s dive into their comparison in a bit more detail to find out which one’s better.


    Acrylic nails are sturdier as compared to gel nails. It brings acrylic nails superior to gel nails in terms of durability. If your primary concern is durability, acrylic nails are what you should get.


    If you want a more natural-looking manicure, gel nails are the ultimate solution. Although both acrylic nails and gel nails fall in the category of ‘fake nails,’ gel nails appear natural, whereas acrylic nails appear artificial through and through.


    The method of application of acrylic nails and gel nails is entirely different. Acrylic nails are planted onto the nails with the help of glue. It takes relatively more time for the acrylic nails to set in place. Gel nails, on the other hand, involve the application of several quotes of gel-based nail polishes that are dried under UV light. It makes the drying process quicker. If you want a manicure that does not require you to sit in the salon for long periods of time, gel nails are what you should get.

    Removal Process

    The removal of acrylic nails and gel nails is best done by a professional nail technician at a nail salon. However, since acrylic nails are much harder, their removal is comparatively more difficult than gel nails.


    Acrylic nails are cheaper as compared to gel nails. Nail salons usually charge $25 to $60 for gel nail application. Some salons may even add charges by as much as 50%!


    Gel nails are super-comfortable to wear. Acrylic nails are stiffer and may cause uneasiness to the cuticle. Gel nails are gentler and hence, are more comfortable to wear. Being gel in nature, they adjust to the shape of the nail and make wearing gel nails extraordinarily convenient and comfortable.


    as mentioned earlier, acrylic nails are sturdier and tougher as compared to gel nails. Any stress on acrylic nails may cause the natural nail underneath to hurt. However, gel nails are softer and more flexible and won’t cause the natural nail underneath to hurt in case any stress is applied over them.

    After Effects

    Overuse of the primer used in the acrylic nail application can cause damage to the nail bed. Acrylic nails can also leave an impression on natural nails. Moreover, prolonged exposure of acrylic nails to water can also cause a fungal infection. Gel nails do not cause damage to the nail bed or leave any impressions on your natural nails. However, like acrylic nails, prolonged exposure to water can cause a fungal infection in the case of gel nails as well.


    Your choice between acrylic nails and gel nails will depend on what you’re trying to achieve with artificial nail enhancements. If you want fake nails that are durable and long-lasting and create a glamorous look, acrylic nails are probably the best option for you. However, if you wish to keep your manicure subtle and low-key, gel nails are what you should opt for.

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