• Visiting a nail salon near you on a regular basis is always a good idea. In fact, every woman should take out sometime during the week for herself and what better way to spend ‘me’ time rather than at a salon getting your nails pampered?

    However, if you really and truly hope for healthier, more beautiful nails, you will have to put in some effort yourself, starting today.

    Our nails are like any other part of our body. The food we eat, and our personal hygiene regimen, all have to do with the health of our nails.

    Moisturizing your hands regularly is fundamental to having stronger, beautiful nails

    Here are 15 useful nail care tips for beautiful nails.

    1. Keep Your Hands Clean

    Before you can think about having healthier, better-looking nails, you will need to make sure that your hands are always clean.

    It can be useful to take an old toothbrush and scrub the area around your nails and cuticles. This can in fact be the healthy alternative to using harmful cleaning agents and you can even get rid of dead skin easily.

    2. Moisturize Your Hands Regularly

    The first thing you should probably do if you hope for healthier and more beautiful nails, is to keep your hands moisturized, as much as possible.

    You can use any store-bought lotion or cream, or you can opt for an organic moisturizer such as coconut oil.

    Each time you apply the moisturizer on your hands, make sure to rub it carefully into your nails, especially the cuticles.

    The cuticles are the skin at the side of your nails that get extra dry and can start peeling off. As such, your cuticles generally require more moisturizing than the other parts of your nail.

    3. Take Special Care Of Your Cuticles

    Sometimes when you visit a salon for a manicure, the specialist tending to your nails may ask to trim your cuticles, so that they look ‘neat’.

    Remember, you should always tell her ‘no’. This is because your cuticles are there for a reason. In fact, no part of your body is useless. That is the marvelous thing about human creation.

    Your cuticles are meant to protect your nails by preventing useless bacteria from entering. If you cut or trim your cuticles, it’s possible that you may counteract an infection of some sort caused by the bacteria.

    Instead of cutting them off, moisturize your cuticles as much as possible. If you really do want to cut something off, cut off dead pieces of skin.

    Another preventative measure you can take is to dab some olive or coconut oil on your cuticles prior to getting a manicure done.  By doing so, your cuticles will remain protected from the harsh chemicals that nail polishes often contain.

    4. Trim Your Nails Regularly

    Just as your hair needs to be trimmed regularly to keep it lustrous and healthy, your nails also require trimming, roughly every two weeks.

    5. Use a Nail File

    Make it a habit to carry around a nail file with you, and use it whenever you can. Even if you are going to work or to the gym, make sure that there is a nail file in your bag.

    A nail file can help you smooth away any rough edges that may otherwise stick out of your nails.

    6. Remember Nail Length Isn’t Important

    Some people want long nails so badly, that they do not care much about whether or not the nails are even healthy.

    Remember that you need to prioritize the health of your nails over length.

    7. Carefully Pick Your Nail Polish Brand

    You need to be extra careful when selecting which nail polish brand to opt for. This is because nail polishes often contain harsh chemicals such as camphor that can be detrimental to the health of your nails.

    Brands that are safe and that you should typically opt for are OPI, Revlon, Maybelline and Sally Hensen.

    8. Opt For Less Harmful Nail Polish Brands

    Brands such as ‘Suncoat’ have even launched their line of less harmful nail polishes that are water-baed rather than chemical-based.

    If you really care about the health of your nails, you may even want to ask the salon you visit next for a manicure to opt for nail polish from one of these brands.

    9. Buff Your Nails Regularly

    Buffing refers to the act of polishing your nails with a nail buffer until they get shiny. While buffing is never an alternative to coloring, buffing can improve the look of your nails significantly. As you buff your nails, you improve the circulation of blood within the nails, leaving them glowing and healthier than before.

    Generally, any salon you visit for a manicure will most likely buff your nails, without you having to ask.

    10. Choose Nail Polish Remover Wisely

    Nail polish removers often contain chemicals that can be very harsh on your nails. Nowadays, certain brands are launching ‘acetone-free’ removers that are far better for your nails than the traditionally available removers.

    11. Disinfect Nail Tools

    Any tools that you sue to take care of your nails, including the nail cutter, file and buffer need to be disinfected regularly. You can use rubbing alcohol to disinfect your nail tools.

    12. Always Apply a Base Coat

    When painting your nails at home, don’t skip out on the base coat. The base coat serves two purposes – protect your nails from getting stained and also allows for better coverage once you paint.

    13. Top coat is helpful

    Each time you polish your nails, apply a top coat over the polish. This will prevent your polish from chipping away.

    1. Focus On Eating Healthy

    Eating a healthy diet is fundamental to nail health. Make sure that your diet is rich in proteins, zinc and vitamins.

    The healthier your diet, the healthier your nails are likely to be.

    15. Wear Gloves

    Home tasks such as doing the dishes can dry out your hands, leading to the buildup of dead skin around the cuticle area.

    So remember to wear gloves next time before doing the dishes!

    If you simply follow these nail care tips for beautiful nails, you will be left with healthier-looking, more beautiful in no time!

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